Vision Rehabilitation Services

Our low vision clinic is tailored for patients that have exhausted their medical options (surgery and conventional spectacles) but are still left with a less than satisfactory level of vision for their needs. These patients often have challenges with daily tasks such as reading (even when wearing their spectacles), recognizing faces, walking around/traveling and other independent activities

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Vision Rehabilitation Services.

More about our Vision Rehabilitation Services.

Most of our patients that frequent this clinic would have had their vision affected by conditions such as Albinism, Diabetes, Macular degeneration, trauma etc. Following a detailed assessment, we help these patients utilise whatever residual vision they have using devices such as magnifiers, telescopes, electronic readers etc.   

If you or your loved one/s recently updated your spectacles but still have challenges completing specific tasks in your day, feel free to get intouch with us and we will schedule an assessment for you.
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Eye Attic (Harare)

Suite 29A Arundel Village
51 Quorn Avenue
Mt Pleasant
Tel: (0242) 369635/7

Eye Do (Mutare)

Shop 6A
NFU House
Cnr 1st Avenue/2nd Street
Tel: (020) 66998/66988
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