Annual Masawara Outreach

The Masawara outreach is held at Guta Clinic in Mutasa District, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe every November. It is coordinated by the Mutasa family targeting the surrounding community. We volunteer to facilitate the eye care service delivery at this outreach.

Aim of Outreach
To provide the underprivileged rural and medically underserved community with health care.

The role we play
Facilitate the availability of the eye care team which comprises one Optometrist, one dispensing Optician, one administrative assistant, and the equipment needed. Helped to secure donors of reading glasses and topical medications that are distributed as needed.

Brief description
The outreach is a two-day excursion in  Mutasa RDC which is one of the seven local authorities in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe divided into 31 wards with a population of 169 756 i.e. 79, 825 males and 89, 931 females, as of the last census held in 2012.

The free eye services which include visual acuity checks for both distance and near; auto-refraction, tonometry, and fundoscopy end with either the dispensing of free reading glasses to all presbyopes encountered and/or free topical medications for various eye diseases. Free Abalon caps (key partner) are also distributed to the team that makes this outreach a success. Abalon caps are also distributed to some community members as an option for sun protection.

Many thanks to Abalon Trust for their financial donation which made the procurement of drops and reading glasses possible.

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